At KENNETH TODD, we have a tremendous number of services available to make your skin the best it can be!


  • European Facial: A truly comprehensive European style facial, designed to treat each skin condition, promote healing & restoration at the deepest level. Specialized facial massage help to stimulate & oxygenate your skin creating a soul-soothing experience.
  • Deep Cleansing Facial: A purifying treatment for overly-oily skin or acne conditions. Gently exfoliating peel is followed by highly active heat/steam-energized enzymes to break down pore-clogging oil. Luxurious facial massage and deep-cleansing masque reveals balanced, beautiful skin. A series of these treatments is suggested to help redirect your skin’s overproduction of sebum.
  • Anti-Aging Facial: This opulent anti-aging treatment will visibly transform the skin by firming, lifting & adding radiance with Vitamins E, A & C. It counteracts the thinning of the skin, loss of elasticity, increased wrinkles, and moisture loss. The result is glowing and younger-looking skin.
  • Calm & Hydrate Facial: Perfect for the most sensitive skin, rosacea conditions, and/or very dry skin. Expect gentle touch and products with ingredients such as natural fruits and plant elements and sea-derived extracts to reduce redness. Light enzyme peel may be used to exfoliate, followed by a soothing serum and mask and a moisturizer formulated to reduce redness and calm inflammation.

* You may add LED Light Therapy (photorejuvenation) to improve firmness, reduce pore size, target dark spots, even help with moderate rosacea.


  • Glycolic: This peel easily penetrates your skin to exfoliate layers of dead skin cells that dull your complexion to immediately expose a clear, softer, more radiant face. Helps smooth out fine lines & wrinkles.* 
  • Lactic: This peel effectively treats stubborn skin conditions, such as psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, premature aging due to environmental/sun damage or acne. Evens out skin tone and minimizes area of discoloration for all skin types.*

*Optimal results and cumulative benefits are obtained with bi-weekly peel treatments.


  • With proper care and fill-ins, they can last many weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and other factors. If you would like more information about this service, please let us know.


  • Brow
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Sides of Face
  • Forearm
  • Full Arm
  • Leg (knee down)
  • Leg (full)
  • Underarm
  • Chest
  • Partial Back
  • Full Back
  • Bikini


Airbrush tanning delivers a natural-looking tan without the use of harmful UV tanning beds. The process takes minutes as opposed to repeated sessions of lying in a tanning bed or in the sun. Have a special event that you want to look great for? Many people think that being tanned gives you a slimmer appearance, not to mention a very healthy glow… Get the bronzed, sexy look ALL of Hollywood is sporting without the aging effects of the sun.


  • Eyes Only
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Classic Makeup
  • Trial Makeup
  • Temp. Eyelash App.
  • Eyebrow Tint